One Room Country Shack

Spending time in our holiday home, I often take a walk along the small forest roads in the surroundings, many of them used for logging. Some of them lead nowhere and end just in front of a big stone. But still there can be much of interest along those roads. My favorite road has a road barrier, so no cars are allowed. On the middle of the road there is this cabin on wheels. Nowadays the door is locked, but earlier it was open and I took a look. Inside is an office chair (!) and some rubbish spread out. Not so fancy.

I think elk hunters use it. Not far away from it I can see a place where someone has been practicing shooting. 

Well, let's get in to rock. Here I feel the strong vibes of One Room Country Shack. It´s written by blues pianist Mercy Dee Walton in 1953, and have become a blues standard and covered by lots of artists. My favorite version is with the dynamic duo Al Kooper and Shuggie Otis. The talented Otis (son of blues man Johnny Otis) was only 15 years old when he brought the guitar with him to join Kooper.

The song is one of many highlights on the album Kooper Session (1969) where Kooper/Otis and the band really are in their best shape. For sure – I can recommend it!

When I pass this shack I can croon the song and then some figures are seen. The song is about sitting alone in the shack and feeling sorry for yourself, thinking about leaving. But I think there is room for love in the one room country shack. Enjoy! And of course, posters can be found in the shop!

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