On The Road Again

I'm a journalist and an entrepreneur. When I'm out on jobs, driving in my car, I often keep my eyes more open on the side of the road then on the road. That´s because I don´t wanna miss the old wreck or the abandoned house. Getting close to them makes my heart beat harder and I feel inspired.

Seeing this one close to a road in the forest in a place called Hässjö, I knew right away it was going to be part of my art. As I like to add rock references to my pictures, this one to me is connected to Willie Nelsons On The Road Again (1980). Originally it´s about the artist longing to go out on tour again. For me it´s actually the longing to get rid of Covid 19 restrictions and be free to go where and when I want – on the road again.

You find the poster in my shop! 

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